coil that meets customer specific and exacting requirements

Steel Coil Staged For Production

We order coil to meet customer specific and exacting requirements in all of the components – metallurgy included. From the very beginning of our helical weld process there are cost advantages and production efficiencies – starting with the relatively lower cost of coil vs. plate for pipeline manufacturing.

At Jindal Tubular USA, we strive to ensure that all suppliers providing coil and other material to Jindal Tubular USA in support of sales orders are in compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API), ISO 9000, and other applicable industrial quality regulations, policies and procedures. All current suppliers and potential suppliers are required to complete a Jindal Tubular USA supplier audit form, provide copies of quality certifications and any other information which may aide Jindal Tubular USA in determining capability of providing material to Jindal Tubular USA. Upon completion and review of the supplier audit form, Jindal Tubular USA may dispatch either a Jindal Tubular USA Quality Audit representative and/or will employ the services of an internationally recognized quality auditing firm to conduct an onsite facility inspection of the supplier to verify that the supplier adheres to all applicable industrial quality and safety standards.


Our Quality

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Quality Inspection

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Lab Testing

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Coating Options

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