Coating & Lining


Our pipe coating plants are located adjacent to our pipe mill facility and are industry leaders for FBE, ARO and Internal Diameter coatings. This co-location provides not only convenience for our customers but cost savings as well. Any reduction in the need to transport pipe will have a positive impact on the overall cost of our product.

The types of coatings that we can apply at our mill include Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE), Abrasion Resistant Overlay (ARO), High Solids liquid epoxy flow liner, corrosion protection ID lining, AWWA C205 Cement Mortar Lining, AWWA C210 Epoxy lining and coating, AWWA C222 Polyurethane lining and coating and Coal Tar Epoxy.

Fabrication Options

Combie Walls

At Jindal Tubular USA, we are able to offer various fabrication options. For example, on structural piling pipe we can be offered fabrications for different uses in the piling market such as Combie walls.

Combie walls are made by welding WOF and WOM connectors along the length of the pipe. During installation the contractor will place a sheet of steel between each piling while welding to the WOF and WOM connectors forming a wall. This application is used mainly for marine and navigational to block waves.

Combie Walls Pipe Piles
Combie walls made by welding WOF and WOM

Driving Shoes

Other forms of fabrication include the attaching and welding of driving shoes. Driving shoes are sometimes attached to the ends of piling pipe to help prevent damage from the hammer blows while the pipe is being driven. We can offer several different types of driving shoes.

Structural Pipe Picking Holes
Fabrication Driving Shoes

Picking Holes

Some structural piling customers require picking holes to be cut in the end of the pipe. Picking holes are used to lift the piling pipe into place prior to pile driving.

O-Ring Joints as non welded slip joint for water pipe

O-ring Joints as a None-Welded Slip Joint

In compliance with AWWA C200 we offer o-ring joints as a none-welded slip joint for water pipe in a thickness range of .188” – .375” and a diameter range from 24” – 60”.

O Ring Joints
O Ring Joints

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Coating Options

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