Spiral Weld Manufacturing Process

Jindal Tubular USA, LLC has taken the spiral weld manufacturing process and improved it in quality, efficiency and cost. We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure the metallurgical composition of the coil is exacting and precise. Each heat is subjected to an analysis of its chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure it is within required tolerances. Once coil quality is approved , the coil is released into production. Coil edges are milled to create an exacting, higher-quality welding surface. Our spiral mill sets the required pipe diameter, forms the steel to exact specifications while creating pipe in lengths of up to 80 feet which may reduce construction cost due to fewer field welds.


Our Quality

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Quality Inspection

Material integrity and quality control are at the very heart of the Jindal Tubular pipe manufacturing process. » more


Lab Testing

We are able to guarantee that our pipe meets or exceeds required chemical and mechanical properties. » more


Coating Options

Our pipe coating plants are industry leaders for FBE, ARO & Internal Diameter coatings. » more