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    Helical (Spiral) Seam SAW Pipes (HSAW)

    Outside Diameter (OD) 24” to 60”
    Wall thickness (wt.) 0.312” to 1.00”
    Specifications & Grades
    • API 5L: Grade B to X80
    • CSA Z245 To L550
    • Sour Service
    • ASTM
    • AWWA
    Pipe Lengths
    • DRL (40ft), TRL (60 ft), QRL (80ft)
    • Custom Lengths
    Production Capacity 300,000 tons per annum
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    Manufacturing Process

    Jindal Tubular USA manufactures large diameter Helical (Spiral) Seam SAW pipes (HSAW), utilizing advanced technology in a high-speed two-step process. In the first step, the pipe forming takes place as the steel is uncoiled, straightened, flattened, helically rolled to form the desired pipe diameter, and then tack welded. In the second step, the pipe is submerged arc welded along the inside and outside spiral weld seam. There are four SAW welding lines, each utilizing digital welding technology and optical seam tracking. Depending upon the specification, the pipes are then subject to hydrostatic testing, automatic ultrasonic testing, and radiography. Our in-house laboratory performs tests for the chemical and mechanical properties. This ensures full compliance with specification requirements and customer expectations. After the finished pipes are accepted through our testing and inspection, they are conveyed to the coating plant adjacent to the pipe mill for application of anti- corrosion and internal coating.

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    External & Internal Coating

    External Coating includes Fusion Bond Epoxy, Abrasion Resistant Overcoat and Coal Tar Epoxy.

    Internal Coating includes Flow Efficiency Epoxy Liner.

  • Barge

    Jindal’s private docks adjacent to the plant are utilized to load pipe by special vacuum lift into barges. With direct access to the Intercoastal Waterway, which extends from Brownsville, TX to the Eastern Seaboard, and the vast Inland Waterways reaching into the interior of the continent, our barge delivery service is fast, safe and reliable.

  • Rail

    The Port Bienville Railroad connects Jindal Tubular directly to the CSX Railroad. The CSX network covers the southern and eastern United States. Interconnects with all other major railroads provide seamless delivery service to destinations throughout North America.

  • Truck

    When trucking is the best solution, it is a short distance from Jindal Tubular to the cross-nation Interstate 10, and to Interstate 59. A drive-on scale at the gate assures accurate weights and records.


    Inbound materials are handled with care and efficiency as and are served by all three modes of transportation.

  • Value Added Services

    • Splicing / Double Jointing
    • End plate, conical tip, drive shoe attachment
    • Lifting eyes
    • CTE coating
    • Ask about other minor fabrication requirements