Material integrity and quality control

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydro testing is performed to confirm the pipe we manufacture meets the pressure requirements of API and customer specifications.

A.U.T. Testing

A.U.T. Testing

Our pipe is processed through one of our two ultrasonic testing machines to test the integrity of the completed welds. Ultrasonic shear and compression waves are passed through the weld and heat affected zones at multiple angles to scan for possible imperfections.

Radiography Testing

Radiography Testing

Real Time Radiography utilizes penetrating x-radiation that passes through the pipe and onto a digital detector that transmits the images to computer monitors for evaluation.


Our Quality

We work continuously to improve product quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the best quality pipe. » more


Quality Inspection

Material integrity and quality control are at the very heart of the Jindal Tubular pipe manufacturing process. » more


Lab Testing

We are able to guarantee that our pipe meets or exceeds required chemical and mechanical properties. » more


Coating Options

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