AWWA C200 Pipe for Water and Waste Water Markets


Jindal Tubular USA’s facility is capable of producing and lining pipe in a variety of sizes for the Water and Waste Water Markets. Pipe sizes include AWWA C200 pipe with a diameter range of 18″ to 120″ and a wall thickness range of 0.188″ to 1.000″. Water pipe can be produced in either of our two mills, the One-Step or Two-Step mill. The pipe is thoroughly inspected before being moved to the End Expansion and Hydro Testing areas where the ends of the pipe are expanded and rigorous pressure test are performed. Once product conformity is verified, the pipe is moved via a conveyer system to the CML building where the pipe is internally and externally lined.


Our Quality

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Quality Inspection

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Lab Testing

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Coating Options

AWWA C205 CML, AWWA C210 Epoxy lining and coating; AWWA C222 Polyurethane lining and coating. » more